Opening up to Grace: a Personal Issues Constellation Workshop with Galina

I am organising this workshop following a request to work with miracles, something I have been exploring deeply for some time. In my experience miracles tend to happen in spaces the Divine is invited into through various practices such as prayer, meditation, sending and receiving metta or grace.

We all have our own understanding of the Divine, have different names for it such as God, Goddess, Universe, Love, Higher Power, Nature. My invitation to you is to bring your own unique compass of this mysterious field so that together we weave the richest possible circle of Grace in service of everything that emerges during the day in need of transformation and healing.

To support you with whatever issue you choose to bring by inviting you to open up, strengthen and expand your connection to the Divine.

– You will be invited to explore your own unique relationship with the Divine.
– You will be invited to bring an issue and explore it within the context of the workshop.
– We will use systemic constellations to set up and explore personal issues using group constellations, exercises and possibly rituals.  Various constellation techniques will be used depending on the needs of the group.
– We will draw on the group’s collective wisdom to invite and open up the field to the Divine.
– You will be invited and guided into an embodied cellular experience of conscious contact with the Divine.
– We will create a safe, confidential, inclusive and respectful space for all of this to unfold.

– In my experience of this work each participant always receives exactly what they need in most fascinating and mysterious ways.
– Participants frequently report feeling lighter, better, stronger, calmer and more at peace.

Date: Saturday 14 May 2022
: 10:00-18:00 Doors will open at 9:30 for biscuits and tea.

Venue: Violet Hill Studios, 6 Violet Hill, London NW8 9EB
Cost: £120 (Paying the fee secures your place on the workshop. Concessions will be considered on request. A minimum of 1 week notice is required for a full refund of the fee.)
Group: Spaces are limited


If you feel called to join this workshop, please get in touch.


Your Healing Heals the World